Arab Political Parties in the Occupied Lands of 1948

Mohammed Abu Oun


            The 1948 Nakba was a major turning point in the lives of the Palestinian people. The Zionist gangs had occupied 78% of Palestine's lands and established the so-called 'Israel' state. The Israeli occupation displaced a huge part of the Palestinian people, but an equally great part survived and clung to their own cities and villages, or moved to nearby cities inside the occupied land to establish new communities away from the ones targeted by the occupation.

The Palestinians suffered from disconnectedness as a result of the occupation's measures against them. It practiced all forms of oppression against the Palestinian people for the purpose of erasing their identity and eliminating their existence.

            The Palestinians in the occupied lands realized the occupation's attempts to dissect the Arabs' presence and oppression of their identity through its racist measures. Therefore, the people started working on establishing and organizing a Palestinian Arab community to save their identity and culture, and exercise pressure on the occupation for the protection of the Palestinians' rights.

            This study examines the main endeavors for and reasons behind forming Arab parties in the occupied lands of 1948, these parties' accomplishments and the ways the occupation dealt with them considering them a strategic threat against the occupation and its project. The research ends with a glimpse of the possible future of the Arab parties in the Israeli political system.


Source : PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre