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Al-Quds as Mentioned in UN Resolutions

Jun 16, 2021 08:31 am

Mohammed Abu Oun


The Palestinian issue has had the attention of the entire world throughout history because of Palestine's strategic location in the center of the Arab region and the Old World continents.

The powers' ambitions have resulted in the occupation of the land, its civilization, and its history. Palestine has been the place where the message was revealed to the prophets, and where old civilizations grew.

The Jewish immigration in the early 20th century constituted a major turning point in the history of Palestine. It was then when the ambitions of world powers and Jewish associations and their desire to seize it were explicitly expressed. After lots of endeavors, a huge part of the lands was occupied and the occupation continued to expand until this day.

Because of its importance at an international level, the Palestinian cause was particularly paid attention to by major countries and international institutes whose positions and decisions have proven the Palestinian people's right to control their land and holy places. Al-Quds was largely addressed by so many resolutions and decisions which exposed the occupation's crimes and the Palestinian and Islamic right over the holy city.

This study presents the international resolutions which were issued about Palestine and Al-Quds from the early Zionist immigration and establishment of the UN until this day.