PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre Sponsors the Fifteenth Conference on Al-Quds

PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre and the Al-Quds International Institution in Gaza signed a Memorandum of Understanding to sponsor the 15th Conference on Al-Quds and develop the scientific library of the Institution. The ceremony was attended by Ibrahim Alzaeem, director of PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre; Mohammed Al-Kahlout, Chairman Deputy of Al-Quds Institution; Hamza Washahwan, CEO of the Institution, and Rami Al-Kahlout, PR Official at the Institution.

The Centre, which is a part of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, donated $9,500 to the two projects; $5,000 of the sum was allocated for the Conference. Alzaeem highlighted that the Centre will seek the participation of scholars from Malaysia and other countries in the Conference.

For the development of the library, Alzaeem said that $4,500 were allocated to enrich the library with more valuable books as long as a cultural competition is held to encourage reading them. He explained that some of the library's issues would be translated into English and will be made available to researchers in Palestine and Malaysia.

Mohammed Al-Kahlout thanked the Centre's endeavors which support science, and thanked Malaysia for its leading role in supporting the Palestinian people and its just cause at all levels. He also said that his institution will further activate the library, and mentioned that it is publishing a booklet that documents Islamic Architecture in the occupied Al-Quds and refutes the occupation's lies over having a history there. The booklet will be sent as a gift to the Centre.  

Source : PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre