Huge Settlement Scheme in North Al-Quds


Wala website reported that the occupation's Ministry of Construction and Housing decided to establish a new neighborhood for settlers in Atarot settlement, north of the occupied Al-Quds.  This scheme aims to expand and change the borders of the city; and to separate between the Palestinian villages at that area.

This comes before PM Naftali Bennet's planned visit to the White House this month.

Netanyahu’s office postponed this scheme before, after it was rejected by the US and Europe.

The scheme includes the construction of a settlement neighborhood that consists of 9 thousand settlement units. These units would be built on 1200 Palestinian donums, land of Qalandya’s airport, to the apartheid wall. This wall would separate between the new neighborhood and the Palestinian lands in Al-Quds’s surroundings as Kafr Aqab. It also includes an industrial area, trade centers and hotels. 

Source : Arab 48