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Malaysia’s Role In Advocating The Palestinian Cause

Feb 04, 2022 08:29 am


As the two researchers were once in Malaysia, they both realized the Malaysian role in supporting the Palestinian people and their cause; thus, they tended to prepare this study throughout benefiting from their observations, extrapolating audio-visual and readable media tools, and analyzing reports issued by the Malaysian institutes in Palestine. All of those written and visual reports are the materials of the study, which falls within surveys. This study determines the nature of the Palestine-Malaysia relationship, reads its future, recognizes the fields of Malaysian support for Palestine, and focuses on the impact of this support over the Palestinians' steadfastness and resistance. It addresses four claims: Malaysian-Palestinian Relations, Malaysian Support for the Palestinian Cause, Malaysian Facilities in the Gaza Strip, and Research Institutes on Jerusalem in Malaysia. The study results show that the official and popular relations between Palestine and Malaysia are getting stronger and the Malaysian support to the Palestinian cause is continuously growing. It finally recommends enlisting a special media discourse towards the Malaysian people and government that fits their social and cultural reality and to enhance the relations between both nations throughout empowering the diplomatic representation between them.Keywords: Role, Malaysia, the Palestinian cause.