Al-Quds Institute Announces the Winners of 'Al-Quds International Institute Award'

Mar 31, 2022 02:19 pm

Wednesday, Al-Quds International Institute in Palestine announced the winners of the "Al-Quds International Institute Award for the Best Scientific Research on Al-Quds for the Year 2021-2022.

Dr. Naeem Baroud, a member of Board of Directors, thanked those who had contributed to the success of the Award this year, particularly the participants; most of whom were young people who had been distinguished by the research they had presented for the Award on the subject of Al-Quds and its many important issues. Baroud said that the aim was to encourage the work in favor of Al-Quds and to raise awareness about it, pointing out that the winning researches would be published in a specialized scientific journal.

The engineer Mona Skaik addressed the Award Committee and said "in each version of the prize, we choose a particular subject, and in the current version, which is the second of its kind, it has been specialized for the "Best Scientific Research on Al-Quds." More than 12 researchers submitted their researches to win this award. After arbitration and verification by the award committee, top five researches were selected.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zaeem, director of PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, expressed his appreciation for everyone who worked hard to make the "International Al-Quds Award" successful, and for everyone serving Al-Quds issue. He said that "this cooperation with Al-Quds institute will be last," and added that "the Malaysian people support the Palestinian people as well as support the cause of Al-Quds, which they consider as a central cause." He also confirmed that the winning researches will be published in international journals with the help of PALM.

The research of Hussein Naseer entitled "Judicial Future of Al-Quds in light of the International Law and Positions" won the first place, and the researcher Adnan Al-Hendi, the owner of "Impact of the Apartheid Wall and Settlement Expansion on Jerusalemites' Lives" research, won the second place. Also, the researcher Hend Abu Njeila who wrote "Future of Al-Quds' Old Neighbors amid the Zionist Attacks" won the third pla,ce and the researchers Asmaa Al-Shuqaqi and Ahmed Al-Agha who both cooperated to conduct a research on "Reality of Education in Al-Quds amid the Corona Pandemic and Israeli Suffocations" won the fourth place. Moreover, the researchers Raneem Shaaban and Samah Dweima who conducted a research on "Endowment and its Impact on Social Life in Beit Al-Maqdes in light of Al-Anas Al-Jaleel in the History of Al-Quds and Hebron for Mujir al-Din Al-Hanbali."