Resistance Leads

Apr 26, 2022 03:56 pm

Dr. Mustafa Al-Sawwaf

The observer of the security and political scene in Palestine realizes that things have changed and become more visible for the public, in which he/she could extract various concepts that have become controlling the attitudes of all parties, either domestically, regionally or internationally.  
At the level of the Palestinian inner situation, there are three parties: the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Authority, and the Palestinian Resistance. Those parties are the main engine of events at the political, military, security and media levels.

The Israeli occupation is confused and flopped as a result of what is happening in its domestic arena; breakdown of the government and decline of its military level in comparison with the former phase when the Zionist army was unbeatable. Hence, today, the situation is different. It has become easy to score considerable military and security points on the occupation and beat it. Defeat does not mean to strike a decisive blow, but means to score points that were missed in the past and have become clearly achievable now. The examples on this vision have become clear sine the 2006 Gaza cross-border raid, and the Israeli occupation's Sayeret Matkal's attempt to plant listening devices on the Resistance's communication system; the killing of its leader; the failing of its task and the benefiting of its capabilities and information, reaching the fedayeen operations that were carried out in Be'er Sheba, Tel Aviv, and Al-Khadeera. Tel Aviv's last operation hit the heart of the Zionist intelligence, security system, and made it lose its ability to draw future policies. 

The situation of the Palestinian Authority or the Oslo Authority, which is a more precise naming, is not better than the Israeli occupation. It might be even more weak, confused and far from being able to influence the current events. What approves this is what happened lately when the Arab and non-Arab mediators discussed the issue of calm and non-escalation. The whole discussion was about Hamas and the Palestinian Resistance, without any consideration for the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Resistance has become today the main engine that leads the political, security and military scene as well as the object and center of attention of all sides. Today, it is the one that leads the Palestinian scene and the decision maker on peace and war. This is, of course, approved in deeds and in acts, not in words, and confirmed by the statement that says "the world only understands the language of power." Even though it is a simple power owned by the Palestinian Resistance before the Zionist nuclear arsenal supported by the big devil -the United States, it still has a great influence and considerable capability.

This reading of the scene indicates that there is a change among the conflict's parties, and there is a state of exchange in the balances; some parties disappear and some others show up. Thus, we might witness some notable, unexpected changes soon.

We are about to live a new scene led by the Palestinian Resistance and the Palestinian people; who are the incubator of resistance, with a considerable awareness. This emerging formation suggests that we are on the brink of a new phase that includes good omens that would make the right real after many years, and confirm that injustice and its leaders will fade. As Allah says, "and say when that will be? Say, may that be quite soon."