Iran is Weeks Away from Collecting Uranium for the Bomb

Apr 27, 2022 08:54 pm

Yoav Limor / Israel Hayom
Summary: Head of the Research Department in the Israeli Intelligence Service warns that even if there is a deal, the Iranians will be able to collect the material for the bomb once it runs out.
"Iran is weeks away from collecting enough uranium for a nuclear bomb," said Amit Sa'ar, the head of Research in the Military Intelligence Service. He added, "they are not there yet, but they are getting close, and this is worrying."
In a private interview that will be published this Friday, Sa'ar said that the Iranians continue enriching uranium on three levels: 4%, 20%, and 60%. As he said, moving to the military enrichment on the level of 90%, which is required for the nuclear bomb, is just a matter of time. 
"They do not have technological problems. It is just a matter of decision. They completely controlled the developed centrifuge components. They know how to produce and operate them. Even if we reached a deal as the last time, they will need a short time to recollect enough uranium for the bomb."
Sa'ar warns of the wide spread of remote-controlled aircraft and mobile rockets in a wide range of forums in the region, sponsored by Iran. "In the past, the ability to take 50 kg of the uranium and transfer it for 1.500 km was only confined to the great powers. But today, it has become possible for Yemen and Iraq to implement such attacks. We follow this and plan for this in an intelligence and operational manner."
Do you think that Israel must attack Iran more on its territories?
"Iran is deterred by Israel. We don't need to restrict ourselves on where to beat it. We can hurt them in every place we attack, and if we asked them, they are in a bad balance. I am not talking about war-battle attacks. But we are banned to forget that Iran is a huge country, and it is far away, and working there is not like working here, in the first circle. This requires other capabilities, and the parties understand that public actions against each other will lead quickly to escalation."
Sa'ar also said that signing a new nuclear deal is postponed for political factors. He added, "most of the matters are solved, and what really prevents the achievement of the deal is sanctions. There is a pressure put on every party to give up, and I think that this will be solved at the end." 
Hamas regrows again
Sa'ar estimated that the situation in Lebanon and Gaza is under control, and Hamas and Hezbollah are not concerned about triggering an escalation. They are busy with inner problems, but Hamas exerts greater efforts to regrow again, especially in the field of rockets. 
The Head of Research Department said that Israel is close to the solution: "I see a situation where we succeed in hitting them not only with how much they are shooting, but with how they are shooting. With the ability to launch volleys and fire cities. We will not stop the fire completely. But we will succeed in confusing this ability." 

Adapted from Israeli Hayom