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Ex-Prisoner Ihab Al-Kilany Killed

May 17, 2022 11:16 am

The medical negligence practiced by the Israeli occupation inside the prisons caused the martyrdom of the ex-prisoner Ihab Al-Kilany. 

Press sources announced the martyrdom of the ex-prisoner Al-Kilany, who was a cancer patiend a short time after his release from the occupation prisons in the middle of Ramadan. 

The family of Al-Kilany confirmed that their son was safe and sound before his arrest, but, due to the mistreat and the absence of medical negligence inside the Israeli prisons, the symptoms of his disease spread all over his body. Therefore, the occupation released him to disclaim his death.

Al-Kilany, a father to 4 children, was arrested 7 times, and spent about 4 years and a half in the Israeli prisons.