Nationalism Law Triggers Anger

May 18, 2022 02:04 pm

The "Nationalism Law" adopted by the Israeli Knesset in 2018 triggers indignation inside the occupied Palestinian interior. This law considers "Israel as the national nation of the Jews, Al-Quds as its capital, the Hebrew language as its official language, and Israel as a national home for all Jews around the world." Thus, the law can be described as another displacement of the 1948 Palestinians, who represent a quarter of the population of the Israeli entity and carry the Israeli nationalism.  

This anger prompted Druze writer Ainab Halabi to say in her article in the newspaper Yediot Ahronoth, "We Druze have never fought against the establishment of the State as a Jewish State. This is indisputable. The opposite is true - we fought, and we continue to fight shoulder to shoulder with Jews, to achieve security stability and national prosperity." She concluded her article by saying:" According to the law of nationalism, me and my sons as Druze are not equal citizens in Israel."

This is what led Omir Fox to write in Haaretx, under the heading: "The right to equality must be entrenched", calling for the need to enact a law that establishes the right to equality among all the inhabitants of the Israeli entity.

On another subject, Jennev Kovovovic, in Haaretz, quoted officials of the Military Intelligence Directorate "Aman", as saying that the quantity and quality of targets in the Gaza Strip were low for other arenas and that next month the Israeli army would train in a scenario to attack nuclear facilities in Iran.
This is also what Lilach Choval stated, in his article: "The Israeli army is preparing to attack in Iran", in Israel Today, when he pointed out that the Israeli occupation army is increasing its preparations, in light of the impasse between Tehran and the Great Powers. 

In Maariv, Ran Adlist described the behavior of the police at the funeral of journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh as absurdity that warrants chaos.
Under the heading "Prepare for the rebound sword", he added, "No one knows if we are going to be hit by a bounce arrow in light of the scene of the beating of the Palestinian journalist's casket campaign and the rush of baton-wavers in the corridors of the hospital. The reaction would be between a regional war and another incident ".