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Occupation Prepares for Military Confrontation

May 20, 2022 10:53 am

The Israeli occupation army began training in the interior front to isolate the main streets inside the entity in favor of being used by the army, in anticipation of protests leading to the closure of roads, in order not to repeat the mistake made in the Battle of the Al-Quds Sword (May 2021).

A senior occupation army official told Channel 12 that after the recent aggression against Gaza, the army had expanded its capacity to respond by building two forces; one based on isolating the main streets to mobilize troops, and the other to protect the "security forces".

The army is providing ammunition to suppress demonstrations to quell protests that could emerge from Palestinian villages and cities, inside the occupied Palestinian territory, similar to what happened in Al-Karamah Uprising during Al-Quds Sword Battle. 

The official alao states that they will be trained on the scenario of receiving rockets by the resistance, and on fighters’ sneak from Gaza and Lebanon to the Palestinian Interior.