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Two US Media Investigations: Abu Aqla Killed by Occupation Bullets

May 25, 2022 11:22 am

The Associated Press and CNN agency, through their respective investigations, confirmed that Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akqla had been assassinated by Israeli occupation bullets.

The AP agency investigation concluded that the bullet targeting journalist Abu Akqla in Jenin camp, in the northern occupied West Bank, about two weeks ago, was fired from an Israeli rifle, reinforcing the Palestinian Authority's assertions.

The CNN investigation also stated that the occupation forces deliberately targeted them in the absence of Palestinian resistance near them in the moments before their assassination. The Network provided evidence of this with 11 videos of the murder scene showing an Israeli military convoy from different angles, Before, during and after the assassination of Abu Akqla, supported by the testimony of eight eyewitnesses, an audio analyst and an explosive weapons expert, The traces of lead in the tree held by Shireen also indicate that they were deliberately targeted.