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Injuries in West Bank

Jun 18, 2022 12:04 pm

Dozens of citizens were injured during confrontations with the Israeli occupation in different areas in the West Bank. 

In Nablus, confrontations broke out around Jabal Subaih in Beita town, following the occupation forces’ oppression of the anti-settlement march.

They also attacked a similar event in Beit Dajan in eastern the city with bullets and poisonous gas, causing several injuries. 

Dozens of colonial settlers raided Khirbit Tana, near Beit Forik, performed their Talmudic rituals and attacked the citizens. They also broke into Qaryout Spring in Qaryout town with protection from the occupation soldiers, causing confrontations between the town’s families and the occupation forces. 

In Qalqilya, confrontations broke out following the launch of the anti-settlement march, during which the soldiers set up traps for the youths who failed them and threw stones at the occupation forces.