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Netanyahu Seeks to Form Alternative Government without Dissolving Nnesset

Jun 22, 2022 01:38 pm

Channel 12 said members of the Israeli occupation Knesset would vote with preliminary reading to dissolve the Knesset.

Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party seeks to procrastinate the Knesset dissolution bill after it was ratified in the preliminary reading, in an attempt to form an alternative government without going to elections.

To achieve this, Likud exerts pressure on Knesset members of the “Tekfa Hadshah” Party, headed by Gideon Sa’ar, defected from Likud who has so far insisted on his refusal to enter a government coalition headed by Netanyahu. Likud also proposed to the Minister of Security, Benny Gantz, the formation of an alternative government headed by Netanyahu, to become the caretaker of government until the formation of the government and obtaining Knesset trust. as well as one year after the formation of the alternative Government, Gantz refused to do so.