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UN Official: 2022 is the Bloodiest Year in Palestine

Oct 19, 2022 11:13 am

The United Nations Acting Humanitarian Coordinator, Lucia Elmi, confirmed that the year 2022 is the bloodiest in the Palestinian territories in 16 years, as a result of the increase in violence practiced by the occupation, and the restrictions it imposes on the movement in the occupied West Bank and Al-Quds.

Elmi pointed out that the monthly rate of Palestinian casualties increased by 57% compared to last year, noting that since the beginning of this month, 15 Palestinians, including six children, were killed by the occupation forces during confrontations in the West Bank and Al-Quds, and by settlers' attacks and their incursion into Palestinian villages.

She ruled out that the victims would make a tangible threat, to justify the use of lethal force, which raised fears of excessive use of force. Meanwhile, the occupation imposed wide restrictions on movement, which led to limiting the access of many to health care centers, educational institutions, and livelihoods.