Opening Ceremony of "Palestine is Sky's Promise" Exhibition

Nov 06, 2022 01:57 pm

On Tuesday, the artistic exhibition entitled "Palestine is Sky's Promise" was opened in parallel with the anniversary of the ominous Balfour Promise in Gaza. 

The exhibition was organized by the Association of Palestinian Artists, General Authority for Youth and Culture, the Malaysian Cultural Centre and PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, and attended by artists, journalists, writers, and those interested in art. It also included 40 paintings made by Palestinian artists from inside and outside Palestine, representing the Palestinian cause starting from the Balfour Promise, which was the reason behind the Palestinian Nakba, reaching the issue of prisoners, refugees, Al-Quds and the Palestinian Resistance. 

Ahmed Muhaisen, Chief of the General Authority for Youth and Culture, confirmed that Palestine has been a cemetery for all occupiers along the history and it will always be, and assured that its people will expel the Israeli occupation from their land.

"Plastic art is not just drawings on paper. It rather shapes the past and present. Through a feather and colors, we bend the occupation's rifle, which shoots Palestinian children," said spokesperson of the Association of Palestinian Artists. 

Nuha Eleyan, spokeswoman of PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre and the Malaysian Cultural Centre, confirmed that every Palestinian is obliged to resist the Israeli occupation in all possible means, because land is the symbol of dignity. This is what all those who run the two centres believe in. Thus, the participation of the two Centres in the exhibition is to raise the present and upcoming generations' awareness of the illegitimacy of the Balfour Declaration, through a language understood by the whole world -art.

The exhibition included a theatrical show about the stealing of the Palestinian land, the Balfour declaration, and the Palestinians' right to their land. In addition, an anti-Balfour mural signed by all the audience to confirm their rejection of such an illegitimate promise.

Eventually, the Palestinian artist Fathi Ghaben stressed that this exhibition is an extension of the Palestinian exhibitions that represent the Palestinians' suffering and give them a voice through art. He also thanked Malaysia for its support for the Palestinian people and their right to return.

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