Stop Arbitrary Playing with Fire

Nov 22, 2022 12:07 pm

Israel Hayom - adopted

A strong competition is ongoing between Netanyahu and Smotrich in order to maximize their achievements, yet the Israeli public condemned Netanyahu, because he did not prove himself as a rightest enough. So Likud felt offended.

The religious Zionism role came to claim that it has been humiliated and said that "Netanyahu treats us as we are an overload".

The confrontation turned from political to ideological, and from there to emotional and later to personal and factional, increasing tension. The mutual deposits that accumulated over the years suddenly rushed outward.

Those confront Netanyahu with the political steps he has taken. Others respond with the past calculation's vanity and discrimination. And some chant "leftists", while call "Ashkenazis _ weavers."

Netanyahu's men are obliged to immediately stop playing with fire. As from the moment the hatred reap comes out of the stools, it will not be possible to return it back. A fire that does not stop does not choose its victims.

Between Likud supporters and the religious-national movement, there is a 45-year-old historical alliance. It is too deep and wide to draw a line separating them. However, like everything in life, alliances are also easy to destroy and difficult to build. In the moment the bridge strings burn between the two movements, it will collapse on everyone in it to the gap. This may not happen tomorrow, but it certainly can happen after tomorrow.

Therefore, before the misfortune, Netanyahu, Berdugo, Smotrich and Stroke, must restore the political dispute to its original size.