In Iran They Dominate, In Qatar They Raise Heads Up

Nov 23, 2022 09:44 am

Israel Hayom – Adapted 
The World Cup, which began on Sunday in Qatar, gave the country's rulers an opportunity to show their strength and richness as it should be for a country that consider itself as a regional superpower with a regard and status.

Despite the money invested in the matches, many waves of criticism were launched on Qatar and its rulers, because of the way they bribed FIFA heads to hold the matches for Qatar. As well as they were coitized badly for exploiting the foreign workers in building facilities, which the World Cup matches take place in.

But Qatar succeeded in one thing, which is attracting many leaders of the region to participate in the opening of the games and watch the impressive display of the opening. The first one of these rulers is the President of Turkey, Erdogan, an ally of Qatar. He sent police forces and security to help Qatar to maintain order during the games. 

It is true that Turkey team has not been qualified for the World Cup, but a picture from the football field could benefit Erdogan. As he is seeking to retain his chair in the presidential elections which is going to be held in the middle of next year.

For similar reasons, Egyptian President El-Sisi arrived to Qatar and shook hands with the Turkish president in a meeting for the first time between the two since Sisi assumed the power of Egypt. Abdullah, King of Jordan, also attended, in addition to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom arrival to Qatar gave it legitimacy after a long hatred between the two countries.

It is hard to assume that meetings and handshakes will change much in the map of relations between Turkey, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but regional reality today calls for forgetting and forgiving about the past. In addition to cooperate in the face of the future challenges, and the new winds that have blown in Doha Stadium which send a message to Iran that the scales are changing.

It is true that the World Cup will be forgotten, but the new political image that appeared will remain.