Al-Ramla Prison: Harsh Health and Psychological Conditions lived by the Prisoners

Dec 19, 2022 09:55 am

Al-Ramla Prison or Al-Ramla isolation, as described by Dr. Raafat Hamdouna, Director of Palestinian Prisoners Centre for Studies, is one of the five prisons controlled by the Israeli occupation prisons' administration. It lies in Al-Ramla area, northern Al-Quds, and enjoys a high degree of security as all Palestinian prisoners there are categorized as "dangerous."

The Worst Prisons             
The prison is divided into several sections: Al-Ramla prison Hospital, Nitzan prison, Ayalon prison, Majin prison, and Neve Tirza during a special speech for PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre with Dr. Hamdouna. He said that he had lived two consecutive years under the ground, describing isolation as the worst Israeli detentions. "All prisoners are detained in harsh living and detention conditions, and suffer from constant medical violations and lack the minimum necessities of life," he added.

Pain inside Prisons
"It is unlike any of the Israeli occupation prisons where I served 15 years, nor in any of the world's prisons," Hamdouna described the detention conditions in Al-Ramla prison. He said that it is an underground prison, the sewage network is at the top of the prison and insects are so prevalent. Also, the meals provided for the prisoners are uneatable, and the Israeli jailers deal with the prisoners using the worst methods like beating, humiliation, screaming, holding prisoners inside very tight, dark cells for long periods, and depriving them from family visits, causing a state of worry and instability for the prisoners. Y6h

Lie of the Clinic
"Al-Ramla Clinic" is a name known for the international and human rights organizations, yet it carries behind it another reality embodying the slow death of the sick Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli occupation. It lacks the minimum medical supplies, and its Israeli officers treat the prisoners quite mercilessly. 

The Israeli occupation holds 18 sick prisoners inside the so-called "Al-Ramla Clinic" in light of harsh medical circumstances and lack of needed medical equipment, as some of them need a serious medical care. The clinic is subject to constant violations by the occupation army like searching, repression and isolation; as a result, it is different from any other prison of the Israeli occupation. The inspection tour of the prison's nurses only includes giving painkillers to the sick prisoners at day and night, amid a deliberate medical negligence and delay of treatment.

Different Medical Conditions
Among the prisoners, there is the prisoner Noor Jarbou' (27) who suffers from severe infections in the back area as a result of a serious injury that left an unhealed hole in the back, that was later infected, paralyzing the prisoner as a result of the Israeli occupation's deliberate medical negligence. He currently moves by a wheelchair and is helped by the other prisoners in all of his daily needs. 

Regarding the prisoner Nazem Abu Saleem, he is living with heart failure and a needs a pacemaker. However, the prisons' administration refuses to conduct the surgery and settler for giving painkillers. 

The administration of the occupation prisons deliberately seeks to reach him to the pre-death phase, so he loses hope in being treated and healed. 

Calls for Help
The prisoners of Al-Ramla prison have called on all international and human rights organizations, headed by the International Committee of the Red Crescent, to intervene and visit the prison to view their suffering, stop the crimes practiced against them, and stop the isolation policy for the psychological and health consequences that threatened their lives.