US National Security Advisor Calls on PA to Calm Down

Jan 26, 2023 01:34 pm

The National Security Adviser, Sullivan, came to the region to ask some demands from the Palestinian Authority and the new occupation government, and to inform the two parties of the overall framework of the US administration's directions, highlighting its priorities, as the situation in the occupied territories escalated and tensions with Jordan increased against the backdrop of the political and legal situation of the Al-Masjid Al-A-Aqsa. The US general orientation is represented in a ceasefire, away from any new wars or conflicts.

Sullivan asked Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during his meeting at the district headquarters in Ramallah not to be drawn behind the provocations of extremist components of Netanyahu's government, and to make every effort to prevent further deterioration in the situation in the West Bank. He also promised to continue the economic support for the Palestinian Authority's institutions in partnership with regional and international parties, to emphasize the issue of a two-State solution and to prevent actions that might threaten this trend.

On the other hand, Sullivan called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to abide by his previous promises to the United States President to blame his extremist partners and preserve the status quo at the Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, and to avoid provocative initiatives in the West Bank and Al-Quds.

Sullivan also stressed the need not to initiate any limited or all-out military actions against Iran, without the United States' knowledge.

Netanyahu insisted on Sullivan to facilitate his task of normalization with Saudi Arabia as one of his regional priorities, and pressure Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to join the Negev Natural Forum (United States, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and Morocco), to be held next March in Morocco.

Estimations: The US National Security Adviser, the second figure in the US administration, came to try to discourage Netanyahu's government from moving forward with steps that could blow up the situation in the region, likewise pressuring the Palestinian Authority to restrain and not inflame the situation, because the US has bigger priorities in other parts of the world.

Sullivan's visit to Ramallah aimed to strengthen the legitimacy and financial support of the Palestinian Authority in the context of its years-old vulnerability, convey messages of reassurance about the commitment to the two-State solution and maintain its continued existence, given threats from Netanyahu's religious partners to undermine or weaken it.