Experts: Five Possible Outcomes for the "Flags March"

May 17, 2023 05:54 pm

The “Flags March” that the colonial Israeli settlers plan to hold in occupied Al-Quds tomorrow, Thursday, commemorating the anniversary of the so-called “unification” of the city, experts in political and media affairs examined a number of scenarios, highlighting the need to deal with a media strategy to address this provocative event.

This occurred during a political symposium titled “Flags March... Israeli Purpose, Spreading Palestinian Narrative” that the “SAFA” Press Agency hosted at its headquarters in Gaza City in collaboration with the PALM Strategic Initiative Center.

Expected Scenarios

Hossam Al-Dajani, a writer and political analyst, examined a number of potential scenarios that the "Flags March" may come to an end with. He mentioned that the first scenario involves a widespread reaction to the march among the public, together with diplomatic action that steers the situation away from a military escalation.

The second scenario is represented by the media's increasing confrontation with the occupation in accordance with a comprehensive strategy. It is notable that this strategy includes spreading the Palestinian narrative and dispelling the occupation's lies on the march. The third scenario involves using an outside military force to respond to Palestinian aggression, which values the unity of the fields.

In the fourth scenario, Israel and Gaza engage in a military escalation to set the terms of confrontation. Al-Dajani did not completely rule out the possibility that the Palestinian factions would use a dual strategy, including popular mobilization and media confrontation, in conjunction with the possibility of military action.

Media Speech

According to Mushier Amer, a professor of linguistics and discourse analysis at the Islamic University, the media march has become more significant in recent years due to the expansion of the Israeli extremist right's influence. Moreover, he emphasized the significance of increasing the media confrontation prior to and during the march, provided that it is controlled. He also called for agreeing on an integrated media strategy to demonstrate the march's danger.

In a related context, Amer demanded that the legal aspect of opposing the march be strengthened, highlighting its illegality and violation of international law, the Geneva Conventions, and UNGA resolutions.

Mohammad Abu Qamar, editor-in-chief of SAFA Agency, stated that the first joint symposium with PALM Center fits within the context of interest in bringing up the issues raised in the Palestinian arena. He cited the resistance's stated position that it will not tolerate damage to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa or desecrating it during the march.

At the conclusion of the symposium, Ibrahim El-Zaeem, the director of the PALM Strategic Initiative Center, emphasized the significance of the occasion and expressed his gratitude for SAFA Agency's participation.

Finally, El-Zaeem reaffirmed the preparedness of his center to do everything possible to strengthen the Palestinian media speech, as well as its willingness to collaborate with other organizations, research centers, and media outlets in order to advance the cause of the Palestinian people.

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