Al-Quds is the Capital of the Nation in the Battle of Existence

May 21, 2023 11:34 am
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Abdullah Al-Akkad
Al-Quds has become the prominent focal point in the equation of conflict in Palestine and the whole nation. This vital area will resolve the conflict of the global decision for the birth of a new era, not for a new global system.

Apparently, the conflict between Russia and the NATO in Ukraine extends beyond the geographical borders. It reaches the realm of international decision-making and the shaping of global leadership between dominant forces and other emerging ones, fiercely competing for strength and influence. 

Returning to the title of our article, considering Al-Quds as the forefront of the nation's conflict in the battle of existence, Al-Quds has been equipped with an army that represents a great nation and matches its stature. It has also become a decisive sword and an impregnable shield because it is Al-Quds, the heart of the equation. It embodies the essence of the conflict along with its religious, cultural and political dimensions. With Al-Quds and through it, the sovereignty of the nation will be determined.

Only Al-Quds holds the answer to the identity and reality of the conflict. It unveils all facets and shapes, in which the conflict manifests itself, revealing it in its clearest forms. That is what exposed the deceptive projects of normalization, the security coordination and any projects that might hold misguiding titles.

Following bitter internal conflicts and ongoing internal divisions, the entire nation continues to be influenced by a malicious colonial policy, initiated by Britain. Such hostile forces aim to render the nation ineffective and devoid of influence, and keep it absent even from its own causes. This has thus placed the nation in a state of passivity and vulnerability. 

If the nation desires to regain its effective and influential role, it must uphold the Palestinian cause, which serves as the objective framework for Al-Quds with Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa as its cultural symbol. Al-Quds' return to the nation represents a restoration of its significance and status. Imam Al-Banna, may Allah have mercy on him, spoke the truth when he said that the nation is never in a state of prosperity unless Al-Quds is under its sovereignty and its weakness is evident as long as it is in the hands of enemies. 

Al-Quds, indeed, serves as the yardstick for the nation's status and significance. It is the outstanding substance that transforms the nation from accumulated rubble into a precious and vital gem, where the scales of justice and righteousness are calibrated. It delivers a message of compassion between peoples and tribes, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the criterion: "The noblest amongst you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous." It transcends racial, ethic, and gender-based prejudices, as well as other divisive elements.  

The importance of Al-Quds imposes itself forcefully, and this can be apparently observed. When the resistance leaders speak on special occasions or when statements are issued by the resistance, the world pays keen attention to what they say. Speeches and statements garner wide widespread interest and occupy a considerable space in the discourse. It is not surprising that the occupation along with its media, orientations, currents and institutions subject the resistance-issued statements and speeches to analytical circles of diverse security, political and military interests. This, as a result, generates several opinion articles, assessments and situation reports, reflecting the state of fear and anticipation for the fate awaiting them in their eighth decade, as they either find it approaching them or they hasten towards it. 

Yes, the inevitable fate they are waiting for is absolutely coming. As long as they trying to prevent of delay it, they only hasten its occurrence. 

This colonial Zionist project applied to Al-Quds is not in its perfect form, despite all the exerted attempts to present itself otherwise through its expansion, economic prosperity and normalization with several Arab and Islamic regimes. It well knows that the Palestinian resistance is the true expression of the nation with all its peoples. It well knows that it has become tightly surrounded by the resistance, which is stronger and more determined than ever to continue the battle until it reaches its end.

If we look at the United States as the inheritor of protecting this colonial project, we find it more preoccupied with crucial battles aimed at maintaining its global dominance rather than being engaged in conflicts in the region, which may not be its primary concern.   

Dear reader, the world is rapidly changing. If we, as a nation, desire to be respected in this new world, we must make Al-Quds as the essence of positive change and the symbol of our progress moving forward. 

May Allah protect our heroes, revolutionaries, freemen and nation, and preserve the precious jewel of our crown, Al-Quds, and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa.