Real Warning

Aug 08, 2023 10:20 pm
Photo from archive

Maariv -  Adapted

Since the coalition's adoption of a reduction in reasonableness, real warnings in the Likud have started to represent the unpleasant and unsettling reality that has emerged here. To wit, the ministers and deputies started to rebel.

Yarev Levin, the minister of justice who is spearheading judicial reform, is the target of anger. He made the most of the authority Netanyahu gave him to position himself at the forefront of the revolution and was successful in solidifying his position inside the Likud. Thus, figures within Likud who could not accept Levin's dominance of the party and coalition emerged.

There was a national breakdown following the decision to lessen the standard of reasonableness, and its ramifications started to affect our lives. In terms of safety, the economy, society, and Israel's relationships with its longest friend, the United States, as well as with the rest of the world generally. They started waving rebel flags and criticizing Levin and the government's actions in Likud when it became clear that Netanyahu was, in reality, primarily concerned with the outcome of his trial and continuing to give Levin the authority to run the revolution. Thus, they started to strongly criticize Levin and the government's attitude.

Although this isn't a true rebellion yet, it is the beginning of a split, and Levin will eventually pay a high price for his role as the revolution's leader. This revolution has since undermined the Likud and the right-wing camp, and its actions have shown the government's true colors.