The Systematic Coup Is Finally Complete

Aug 20, 2023 10:34 am
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted

The second person accused of killing Palestinian guy Qusai Maatan in the village of Buraq ten days ago, Indor, was yesterday freed and placed under house arrest. Noteworthy, Indor was released by a decision of the Al-Quds Magistrate's Court.

Omir Shud, a judge at the Magistrate's Court who presided over Idor's release, was appointed a year and a half ago after serving as the chairman of the Al-Quds Planning and Construction Commission. During this time, he has repeatedly engaged in conflict with environmental activists over their criticism of his rulings. The pinnacle came just hours before he was sworn in when he asked to file a lawsuit against the protesting activists on his behalf.

During his brief tenure in the judiciary, a number of decisions were made against him, including the release of a young man accused of assaulting his wife and sent to house arrest despite concern for her safety. Not only this but, the removal of a leftist activist from the Old City at the police's request because he was wearing a hat with a picture of a Palestinian killed by IOF fire.

Shud graduated from the Noam religious school in Berdis, which educated entire generations of young people to feel self-righteous and arrogant and that laws are simply recommendations, according to the judiciary's website.

It is necessary to prevent the systemic coup from being completed, according to judgments and the identities of judges like Shahid, Ron, and Klein. However, it is already finished, as seen by the right-wing woven hats who already control the army's command posts and will hire people like Ofer Venter for the staff.