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Aug 21, 2023 07:04 pm
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Maariv – Adapted


Justice Minister Yariv Levin's proposed systematic revolution of judicial reform came to an end.

The Coalition is still making an effort to pass significant pieces of that revolution in order to support this extreme agenda, and appease some right-wing voters who value this revolution. Not only that, but also to cover up the harm done to the army and the government.

Many Israelis claim that the demonstrations and demonstrators were what brought about the end of this revolution. Whoever analyzes the protest will find that there were a number of unfavorable events that did not contribute to this valiant struggle. These events manifested in: the blocking of Ben Gurion Airport, the closing of the Ayalon tracks, and the harm to the drivers who were caught in traffic jams when traffic hubs were closed.

The demonstrators once again acted in an unwise and unethical manner over the last weekend. Individuals who came to express their displeasure with the government for mandating that the light train at Gush Dan not operate on weekends and holidays. The demonstration is appropriate, but it must not result in harm to the general public or disruption of railway traffic. And if we observe in the upcoming days that protests are extending outside their boundaries, such as by preventing trains from moving freely in Gush Dan, this will harm the accomplishments of the protests.

It's time for the protest organizers to veer off course and act in ways that have an influence on the Government's bad behavior but have no negative effects on the general populace.

Those in charge of the demonstrations will undoubtedly come up with a number of ideas to demonstrate the government's incompetence, which will increase their power and give them more justification for their activity.