Judges, Please Don't Decide

Sep 13, 2023 08:11 pm
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Yedioth Ahronoth – Adapted

With the irrational discussions on reasonableness, today the Black September starts. We'll eventually have to take responsibility for how we ended up in this decline.

We will all lose, and this is the root of the problem. A minority leads us to self-destruction. In every survey that can be conducted, despite all the arguments, there is a clear and stable majority in favor of compromise, but between 20 and 30 percent take over the rest. Since when has polarization been ethical? There aren't camps for co and pro. There is a majority camp that demands compromise-based reform, which means compromise.

The judges have been given the resolution. They should not do that. That undermines the legitimacy of the law. We know in advance that such a conclusion will simply make the conflict and problem worse because choosing must be a compromise, not whatever they select if they actually have to settle.

There is yet another choice. Supreme Court justices have the power to imply, inquire, and possibly even rule: Don't decide; we are not the appropriate place; would you kindly let a few weeks crystallize a compromise? The elimination of reasonableness was a wholly arbitrary piece of law, and the best course of action was not to react arbitrarily to arbitrariness. We require sages. We now require a sound mind that will result in national agreement. It's still possible.