Regarding Saudi Arabia Obtaining Nuclear Weapons... Insistence on Nuclear Is Red Flag

Oct 01, 2023 01:16 pm
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Israel Today – Adapted

The article's writer discusses the deal with Saudi Arabia, which he views as unprecedented and which will give the Israeli occupation enormous political, economic, security, and religious gains. However, this deal will also threaten to erode Israel's military superiority, in light of the evolving weapon that Saudi Arabia will purchase as part of the deal, and finally, in light of a real concern about an accelerated nuclear transformation of the Middle East.

The writer explains the Saudi petitioners' justifications, arguing that they have two justifications. The first is that the Americans will evaluate the Saudi establishment under their accountability and oversight and be able to oversee it remotely, disrupting it when a problem arises, but he is aware that this will be challenging to achieve due to Saudi insistence. The second is that France or China can give Saudi Arabia this kind of support instead of the United States, and this is questioned since France won't do it without American approval and China can't give Saudi Arabia what the United States can.

The writer comes to the conclusion that an agreement with Saudi Arabia is historic and significant, but not at all costs, and most definitely not if the price is one that jeopardizes "Israel's" security and existence.