Terms Manifest the Conflict's Identity

Oct 02, 2023 09:51 am
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Abdullah Al-Akkad

Freemen, you should not tolerate the words our enemies inflict upon our ongoing conflict, including actions and positions. What I mean by "words" are the terms our enemies use to describe us or them, allowing them to possess what they have no right to. Any fallacious term would inevitably distract our rights and the truth, thus challenging our presence.

Words are the core of our conflict and its identity. Haven't you seen how they used words to steal our lands? They raped them through narratives invented from their own minds, phrases of fabricated myths, and Torah distortions, which they know are false, yet attribute them to Allah. Through lies, they continue to obscure the truth as well as geography, history, present and future.   

As our enemy is an abomination of the devil's work, it is our duty to unveil it and not to allow anything to conceal its reality. There are no words that would actually manifest it as a "criminal and usurper occupation" against us, the right holders.

Therefore, we shall be aware of echoing the same words used by the occupation to describe itself or falsely claim against us. Some have tongues that reap the lies our enemy attributes to us using false and incorrect terminology under the guise of objectivity in reporting. We say to these individuals, ask yourselves: Does our enemy use what we term, whether it's what we describe about ourselves or what we describe about them, and term it as truth, not fabrication, i.e., our national and revolutionary terminology?

The answer is absolutely (no).

Everyone must pause at their responsibilities and not place themselves among the oppressors. If they continue to repeat the Israeli false allegations, allegations will become reality. Thus, we will be practicing self-deception against our enemies.

To all writers, authors, intellectuals, media persons and others, you are the guardians of the word. So, do not pave the way for our enemies to fake our narrative through your faults.   

The enemy that we fight in our lands is nothing but a usurper occupation, a fatal killer, and a notorious liar. Constant lying and deception are the enemy's only legitimate path to continue. It is neither a state nor a semi-state, but rather a nihilist entity that has no name and no origin. It holds no sovereignty over any part it occupies and is an oppressive occupation. Thus, we are people fighting for our freedom and the liberation of our land seized by force.

Any word that does not truly disclose the reality of the enemy, denies our rights or falsely accuses us is a rejected statement that plunges its author into a bottomless well. Because it is a forged testimony, the Almighty said: 'Grave is the word that comes out of their mouths; they speak not except a lie.' The wisdom here pertains to the generality of the statement, not its specificity or cause.