Spit in the Face

Oct 05, 2023 07:28 am
Photo from archife

Haaretz – Adapted


The article describes the shocking conduct displayed when Jewish radicals encountered a group of Christians in Jerusalem. It elaborates that on Sunday, footage was captured on camera showing dozens of Jews spit on the ground as they passed a group of Christians carrying a wooden cross, and that the Israeli police did nothing to stop it.

The footage, the newspaper continues, "provoked a storm, denunciations throughout the world, and a shock on many Israelis," but the far right found it to excuse the conduct as a "vintage Jewish habit."

According to the report, such conduct was commonplace, along with insults and attacks on Christians, which interfered with their right to practice their religion freely and embarrassed and irritated tourist institutions.

The article concludes that in order to completely eradicate this phenomena through fieldwork, all institutions and officials should seriously cooperate.