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8 Martyrs in Israeli Airstrikes on a Mosque and Two Houses in Gaza Strip

Oct 09, 2023 10:31 am
Photo from archive

Eight citizens were martyred early Monday in airstrikes carried out by the occupation aircraft on a mosque in the Beach Refugee Camp and two houses in Deir al-Balah and Tel al-Zaatar, in the central and northern Gaza Strip.


Sources reported that the Israeli aircraft targeted the Ahmed Yassin Mosque in the Beach Refugee Camp, leading to the martyrdom of a girl and several injuries among the citizens. 


Additionally, a house belonging to the Fayyad family in Deir Al-Balah was targeted without prior warning, resulting in the martyrdom of three citizens, and a house in the northern Gaza Strip led to the martyrdom of four citizens.


It is worth noting that the Israeli warplanes have been launching a series of intense airstrikes on various locations in the Gaza Strip, targeting several houses with their citizens inside without prior warning.