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The Gaza Ministry of Health warns of a health catastrophe due to the aggression on Gaza

Oct 12, 2023 02:26 am
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The Gaza Ministry of Health has issued a warning of a health catastrophe in the region due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.


Dr. Ashraf al-Qudra, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, stated that healthcare services have reached a critical stage, with medical supplies, medications, and fuel running dangerously low.


He noted that hospitals are operating at full capacity, and the injured and patients are being forced to lie on the ground due to the power company's suspension of its services because of the fuel shortage in the strip.


Al-Qudra held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the lives of the injured and patients, as it has violated the healthcare system and undermined its capabilities during the ongoing blockade and aggression on Gaza.


He stressed that "the health situation can no longer be ignored, and urgent action is required to provide a safe passage for medical supplies and the evacuation of the injured and patients before it's too late."