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Gaza's Municipalities Warn of Health and Environmental Catastrophe Due to Israeli Aggression in Gaza

Oct 12, 2023 02:35 am
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Municipalities in Gaza have warned that the continuous Israeli occupation onslaught will cause a "health and environmental catastrophe" in the Gaza Strip.


According to Yahya Al-Sarraj, the head of the Gaza Strip Municipalities Union, "We warn of an imminent health and environmental catastrophe due to the continued Israeli aggression on the Strip and the lack of fuel and electricity supplies necessary to operate municipal service facilities, especially water, sanitation, and waste collection facilities."


Al-Sarraj added, "The Strip is facing a thirst crisis after the deficit in delivering water to citizens' homes reached 80%, with most of the 200 wells and the water line feeding some areas of the sector stopping."


Earlier today, the Palestinian Civil Defense Service in Gaza declared that it was unable to deal with the massive number of destroyed homes and lacked the heavy machinery and equipment necessary to rescue civilians who were trapped beneath the rubble of their homes that had been destroyed by occupation warplanes. This announcement raises the prospect of a significant increase in the number of casualties.