Murders in Arab Community in Palestinian Occupied Territories in 2021

Jan 10, 2022 12:44 pm

The year of 2021 witnessed a sharp increase in the murder crimes committed in the Arab community in the Palestinian occupied territories, as killing has become a regular crime. By the end of the last year, 129 cases of murder were recorded in the occupied territories while 112 crimes were recorded in Al-Quds and Golan, the last of which was the killing of Mustafa Jabareen, 51. Moreover, the tools used for such crimes varied between shooting, knives, sharp objects and car accidents.  

It has become possible to notice the increase in the number of crimes committed in the Arab community during the past five years; since 2017, as it gradually rose from 72 to 76, 93, 100 until 112 by the end of 2021. Hence, the number is expected to increase this year as long as the conditions allow the expansion of this phenomenon, knowing that it is at its peak and is 5 times more than the murder crimes in the West Bank and 8 times more than the murders in the Jewish community in the occupied territories.

Such crimes affected all age groups and did not distinguish between males and females. They also included important personnel like Sheikh Mohammed Abu Najem, who was assassinated last January.

The Israeli occupation forces contribute to maintaining this rampant state in the Arab community in the occupied territories. At the time they are supposed to fight those crimes, you find most of them are being committed with the cooperation of the Israeli occupation forces, mainly Shabak. Also, they neglect the mess caused by the use of weapons and the drug trade in the community, arousing questions about the bad role of the occupation security forces in those crimes.

The Israeli occupation and its security forces do not only provide weapons to the region, but also neglect the crimes and do not hold the perpetrators accountable. Statistics indicate that the Israeli police only dealt with 22% of the murder crimes in the Arab community; in contrast, 71% of the crimes in the Jewish community were solved, showing the bias and clear distinction between both communities and that the spread of crimes among the Palestinians does not raise the Israeli occupation.

In 2004 and 2005, During the era of Ariel Sharon's government, the Israeli security forces could combat the crimes in the Jewish community where they achieved tangible results until this day. However, they allowed the transition of the activities of the crime's gangs into the cities and villages of the Arab community in the occupied territories.

The Israeli occupation realizes that the stability of the Arab community in the 1948 occupied lands, nationalism and religion are challenges facing the implementation of its Judaizing projects. Hence, the Israeli occupation prefers to fuel conflict among the Palestinians so it can penetrate through this community.

          At the end, public figures and influencers in the Arab community must warn the citizens of the occupation's policies through exerting media efforts that include advertisements, social media outlets, mosques, churches, and T.V to protect them from the occupation's efforts to target them and delete their religious and national identity.