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Reasons behind the change of the Voting Behavior towards the Palestinian Issue in the UN Institutes

May 15, 2022 08:51 am


The Palestinian issue has occupied a special place at the global level, whether because of Palestine's historical and civilizational status or its geographically strategic location among the continents of the old world. This importance has been reflected in the continued presence of issues and events of the Arab-Israeli conflict on the Palestinian territory in the global arena. The degree of the global interest in the Palestinian issue has varied from time to time as a result of a bunch of reasons monitored in the study. This study comes in two main requirements: 1) monitoring the voting reality of the Palestinian question since 2005, 2) the occupation's tools to influence the voting behavior of States. The study has basically adopted the descriptive historical methodology. The study also produces a number of findings, the most important of which are there is a clear declining in the number of votes on the Palestinian issue, the occupation seeks through military, economic and political means to influence the voting behavior of States, and the negative impact of weaknesses in the Arab situation and the presence of the American support on declining voting levels. The study also recommends a number of recommendations, the most important of which are the importance of developing the official Arab and Islamic diplomatic role through the establishment of a body based on the organization of efforts to protect the Palestinian issue in the international institutions, and activating the legal role to pursue the occupation through establishing international commissions of inquiry, bringing cases to the international courts and building legal crews to pursue the occupation.

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