Informational Meeting on Manual Guidebook

May 26, 2022 11:30 am

PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, in cooperation with Hiwar Center for Studies, held an information meeting on the Manual Guidebook for the Most Prominent Media outlets, Institutes and Personnel Calculated on the Pro-Civil and Political Rights in the US, in the Cinta Gaza Malaysia Incubator.

The meeting was attended by several journalists that work in local media agencies and governmental ministries to close the Manual Guidebook project, implemented by Hiwar Center and PALM Strategic.

Dr. Hatem Abu Zaida, the director of the project, spoke about the significance of this Manual Guidebook, which serves the Palestinian cause in case it was invested properly. He said that this guidebook would ease the journalists' accessibility to the Institutes and personnel supporting the political and civil rights in the United States, and addressing them to disclose the occupation's crimes against the Palestinians.

Abu Zaida also explained how the guidebook can be used, noting that it can be easily used as every institute or personnel in the book is attached with a website link or QR code.

He also confirmed that the United States has hundreds of human rights institutes, different to what was expected, giving a wide space for the journalists to choose whom they want to contact.

Moreover, he noted that this project is not the last, as a similar project will be made in Europe.

Also, Nuha Eleyan, a journalist, representing the PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, stressed the importance of media in resisting the Israeli occupation, noting that this is what the centre's believes in. Thus, the partnership with Hiwar Centre was made to yield this significant output, where a lost of hard work was exerted in.

She added that the centre's main goal is to support the Palestinian cause in all ways. It therefore conducts research and studies on the Palestinian cause, produces pro-Palestine media materials, and makes partnerships with other institutes whose goals intersect with PALM. She also confirmed that the centre's goal is ongoing until the Palestinian obtain all their stolen rights.

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