That's what we should do to cut off Netanyahu's road

Jun 20, 2022 01:50 pm

Adapted from Haaretz
Bennett's government has two protection circles. The first is the Coalition and the second is Netanyahu's opposition bloc. The first circuit is shrinking (it stands today at 59 to 60 Knesset members). The second circuit comprising the six members of the Joint List, who are solid against Benjamin's return to power, has 65 Knesset members. Without the Second District, the Government would have fallen a while ago.

If we really want to cut through on Netanyahu, then this bloc must be strengthened and treated with respect, and I therefore propose that Naftali Bennett convenes a round-table meeting and invites all party heads of the Government and the heads of the Joint List, in order to reflect on how to carry out the task. If the falcons sit down, I propose a plan for the bloc's action:

1- All parties undertake to oppose every no-confidence motion submitted by Likud.
2- All parties will support the Law on Preventing a Criminal Offender from Forming a Government.
3- Granting of freedom of voting on all major subjects that are not agreed upon.
4- Cessation of aggression in the occupied and besieged areas - the West Bank and Gaza.
5- Cessation of all provocative steps against Arabs, especially in the Negev.
6- Formation of a formal Network to develop the Arab community. 
7- The appointment of Knesset Member Yoaaf Sejlovic as Minister of Internal Security instead of Minister Omar Barliv, who even in his statements and in his practical steps reveals a closure towards Arabs.
8- Transfer of Elit Shaked from the post of Minister of the Interior, whose anti-Arab practice is a black slur in the official work, and it should not be responsible for the management of Arab life.
9- If these principles are agreed, the Joint List will not introduce a no-confidence bill so it does not join the Likud Party and the path for Netanyahu's return is paved.

This is a reasonable plan that will enable the existence of independence to the extent possible for each party - the absence of a comprehensive occupation of the Right and subordination to the Left.