Aug 17, 2023 09:31 am
Photo from archive

Yedioth Ahronoth – Adapted

Regardless of the appointment of Nayef Bandar al-Sudiri, the Saudi ambassador to Jordan, as the ambassador to the regions of the Palestinian Authority, the extraordinary appointment—particularly at this particular time of the ambassador to Jordan as the first Saudi diplomat in the Authority's areas since its establishment in 1994—revealed part of the grand charts, according to which bin Salman wants to take Egypt's position as the region's leader.

Majdi Al-Khalidi, Labo Mazen's special adviser on diplomatic matters, flew to Jordan. The Sodere presented his credentials in the presence of the Palestinian Ambassador to Amman, who then immediately forwarded them to the President's office in Ramallah.

The Palestinian leadership does not satisfy Ibn Salman. Saudi Arabia wants to see a new, younger Palestinian leader who can rally the Bank's youth around him. To put it simply, Ibn Salman will establish leadership that is connected to the Palestinian population of the Bank.

Imagine the moment when the new Saudi ambassador to Jerusalem suddenly appears to meet Israeli officials. It's true that this won't happen in the near future, but they are preparing the ground now. In the larger context, the sudden appointment of the Saudi ambassador to open a new axis to Israel also comes.

The potential exists that the ambassador will travel to the Allenby Bridge crossing point by car in Amman. He flies to Israel openly or covertly instead of continuing on to Ramallah. Trust Son Salman; he has the concept firmly in his mind.