Coup is Netanyahu's Last Attempt to Survive

Aug 17, 2023 09:32 am
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted

PM Netanyahu's efforts to exhaust the judiciary system as part of the regime coup constitute the final episode of an ongoing operation. This operation aims to boost the president's standing while weakening a series of checks and balances that are supposed to keep an eye on him or broaden the range of opinions around the decision-making table.

Netanyahu is a major player in the deliberate weakening of the Knesset, the significant government ministries, and monitoring agencies, particularly the judiciary, which is fighting any attempt to undermine its independence. Dov Khenin, a former Knesset member, is a remarkable expert on the Israeli parliament. He believes that Netanyahu is systematically working to weaken the Knesset and the Legislative Authority's position. Meanwhile, he is leading another battle to weaken vital government ministries. The Ministry of Justice is a good example of this.

Netanyahu, Levin, and other government officials are attempting to limit the power of the government's legal consultant. Furthermore, Netanyahu has made the position of "Minister of Foreign Ministry" a political job.

According to a senior political source close to Netanyahu, the Prime Minister "believes that the employees in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are a group of leftists and that he and his entourage know how to work better than them." "When Netanyahu is at the peak of his power, he truly knows how to push forward politically impressive steps," the source confirmed. However, if a malfunction occurs, the professional level's ability to assist him is limited because people "enter the event after it occurs."