Star of David on the Face of a Palestinian Man

Aug 24, 2023 03:05 pm

Haaretz – Adapted

The terrible assault of 16 Israeli police officers on a Palestinian young man from Shu'fat camp brings to mind the gloomy times of oppressive regimes. There were symbols that resembled the Star of David inscribed on the man's cheek.

In June 1962, a group of members of a far-right organization in Argentina by the name of Tkwara inscribed the swastikas on a Jewish girl named Garca Lee Serota's chest and then released her. The incident at the time caused shock in the Jewish community in Argentina and led to the creation of B'tsur, a unit of the Mossad whose job it was to organize Jewish defense cells in Jewish communities around the world.

Palestinians are not protected from cruel occupation and oppression by the Mossad or any other institutions. Instead of "beat Jews and save Russia," the behavior of the settlers today brings to mind the cry of those who carried out the killings in Russia: "beat Arabs and save Israel."

The behavior of Israeli police officers toward Palestinians and their rising aggression against protesters show that elements of Commander Itamar Ben Gvir, Prime Minister Netanyahu's indifference, and government officials are permeating their ranks. It is difficult to accept that what looks to be the Star of David is not indeed the Star of David. In addition, Israel's police have adopted a lying, coordinating testimony, and erasing investigations ideology. I never heard the shoelaces, according to police reports, leaving horrible inscriptions on the young man's face. It's still unclear why 16 strong, armed police officers had to use "reasonable force" to arrest a young man.

Fascist governments, wherever they may exist, share some characteristics, one of which is that violence against civilians is their raison d'être.