No Place for Palestinians in Benjamin Netanyahu's New Middle East

Sep 28, 2023 04:04 pm
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted

In his article, the writer analyzes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the UN, which excluded the Palestinian people from any potential solutions. As a result, the West Bank and Gaza Strip are not shown on the map Netanyahu displayed.

The author claims that, in his speech, Netanyahu pitifully asserted that the Palestinian cause was not the key to achieving durable peace in the region. He also stated that Palestinians are no longer a side of the equation. "Even though I had tried to reach peace with the Palestinians," everything is right in this sentence except the word "with" which should be "without".

According to the author, anthems advocating Israeli-Arab peace, including the "New Middle East" slogan adapted by Shimon Pearce, have been replaced with Netanyahu's incessant intimidation and threats in international forums.

The article goes on to state that the political portion of Netanyahu's address was an effort to deal with the simple fact that the Palestinians did not cooperate with his plan. He anticipated their reluctance and he5 received a response. In Aqaba and Sharm El-Sheikh, he conducted discussions with the Palestinians twice but walked back all the promises he made to them. The main goal was for the Palestinians to explode in wrath toward Saudi Arabia when the conversations were disclosed, and so they abandoned any agreement with Saudi Arabia.

The writer quotes a senior Palestinian source as an Israeli political saying: "We're puzzled as to why nobody recognizes how tragic this is." Overall, Mahmoud Abbas' list of demands was realistic because it reflected what the United States called for and what Israel continuously sought to acquiesce to: progressive progress.

Netanyahu appeared to be really worn out during his speech to the General Assembly, the author concludes. Despite his tired eyes and persistent cough, he continued to display persistence. Netanyahu asked Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, to quit making anti-Semitic comments and stop praising resistance fighters in order to lay the groundwork for a lasting peace.