Escalation in Gaza Is Getting Closer

Sep 28, 2023 04:05 pm
Photo from archive

Maariv – Adapted

The Palestinians have their own strategy, and the security situation is continuing gradually but steadily even when planned or completed actions do not result in the lives of Israelis. The Palestinian arena and ongoing escalation will continue to be at the top of Israel's security agenda in the upcoming months.

At least six Palestinians were martyred yesterday in confrontations with Israeli forces in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank. The biggest change in recent weeks is in the Gaza Strip. Israel is attempting to send a message to Hamas that bringing Gaza back into the pressure equation would cost so much that thousands of workers from Gaza would not be able to enter the occupied Palestinian interior, having an impact on Gaza's essentially collapsed economy.

Israel holds the opinion that Hamas is unconcerned about inciting escalation in the Gaza Strip, but in recent days, if the situation continues to deteriorate, things will end up unpleasant, as the Palestinian field is already on fire.

The recognized escalation clock in the Gaza Strip shifts just a little bit to the right. Although it's a modest step, Hamas entirely regulates the danger of the situation. But the cumulative history in the Gaza Strip indicates that there aren't many instances of the clock turning back whenever it starts ticking towards an escalation.