Normalization with Saudi Arabia: Palestinians are Returning

Oct 01, 2023 01:04 pm
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Yedioth Ahronoth-Adapted

The article discusses the Saudi-Israeli normalization and the significance of the Palestinian issue within this context. According to the writer, the Palestinian question will play a central role in any agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, as the latter presents it as a precondition for normalization.

According to the author, the Saudi royal family has shown a passing interest in the Palestinian issue over the years. It has never stopped providing financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority. Saudi officials, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, have been critical of the current Palestinian leadership; however, the majority of Saudi citizens support the Palestinian people. According to polls conducted there, the vast majority of Saudi citizens oppose normalizing relations with the Israeli occupation.

The writer says that despite this, Saudis have recently started amplifying their role in the Palestinian issue in order to affirm that they have never neglected it like others. Regarding the Palestinian leadership, it has learned lessons from its opposition to the Abraham Accords and is prepared to participate in steps that push forward Saudi-Israeli normalization.

The article concludes by stating that the current American initiative, which includes normalization with Saudi Arabia, is fraught with challenges and risks, one of which is the possibility of allowing uranium enrichment in Saudi Arabia. However, it has the potential for a variety of outcomes, the most important of which is "sparking a political process and a separation between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian people."