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The Palestinian Resistance in Al-Quds against the Zionist Project 1929-1939

Jul 05, 2020 10:57 am

Ibrahim AlZaeem


From 1929 – 1939, there was a change in the nature of Palestinians’ defense mechanisms. The Arab resistance against Zionist danger increased at the time. Resistance here means armed struggle, which actively appeared back then, politics, and popular movements. One of the characteristics of this stage is the Arab resistance against the Zionist danger that was protected by Britain. Muslims and Christians became more aware of the situation and realized that they should carry out all forms of revolutionary acts to thwart the Zionist and British plans. This study traces al-Quds’ legitimate resistance acts against the Zionist project focusing on two topics: 1929 – 1935 Resistance against the Zionist Project, and the Great Revolt 1936 – 1939.