Specialists Call for Formulating National Strategy to Confront Occupation and Normalization

May 18, 2022 01:22 pm

A large number of academics and researchers stressed the importance of formulating a comprehensive national strategy to confront the Israeli occupation, stop the decline in the Palestinian cause, and form an Arab, Islamic coalition consisted of political parties, entities and countries, civil organizations, and anti-normalization leaderships to reduce the risk of normalization on the Palestinians' rights.

 This came in a political seminar entitled "Future Prospects of the Arab-Israeli Conflict" organized by the General Authority of Youth & Culture in collaboration with PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, Union of Engineers, Al-Messiri Academy for Researches and Studies as a way to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Al-Nakba.

Mukhaimar Abu Sa'da, a professor of political science, said, in regard to the dimensions of Al-Nakba, that the international institutes did not take a real step to make justice for the Palestinian people and stop the Israeli crimes practiced against them, as they did to Ukraine in which they supported it economically, politically and militarily. This therefore exposes the international community and its double-standard policy, confirming that the only solution is the Palestinians' continuity to resist in all ways.

Ahmed Al-Shuqaqi, a political analyst and writer, spoke about the impact of the Arab, Islamic depth on the conflict with the Israeli occupation, noting that recognizing a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders gives an opportunity for the Arab systems to evade its principles and commitments towards the Palestinian cause.

Moreover, Al-Shuqaqi confirmed the importance of intensifying the Palestinian diplomatic efforts and directing them to cut the Israeli cooperation with the Arab systems. This was supported by the Law Advisor Salah Abdel Atty, who noted that the occupation failed to control the Arab region militarily and materially; yet, he adopted other methods like building relations with a number of Arab systems, enabling the occupation to implement its schemes. 

Dr. Bassim Naeem, the head of BDS, stressed the importance of working on protecting the Arab awareness from the risk of normalization, mentioning the recent studies and opinion polls that showed that the Arab nations are still hostile to the Israeli occupation and refuse to build bilateral relations with it.

Also, Tawfiq Abu Shomar, a political analyst and writer, emphasized the importance of realizing the occupation's techniques, power sources, and weaknesses to improve the performance of the Palestinian struggle.