International Conference in Gaza Recommends Establishment of National Commission and United Front to Resist Normalization

Jun 04, 2022 09:56 am

A number of researchers and specialists recommended the establishment of a national commission, and an Arab and Islamic front to resist the Israeli occupation and boycott the normalization.

This came in a conference held by Council on International Relations, in cooperation with PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, the General Authority for Youth & Culture and Boycott and Anti-Normalization Campaign, on Thursday, in Gaza under the title of “New Wave of Normalization: Repercussions and Strategies of the Confrontation.”
Several Palestinian and Arab leaders, figures, and researchers as well as writers, intellectuals and journalists took part in the conference. 

The participants confirmed the importance of rejecting and criminalizing the normalization of relations with the Israeli occupation in different fields, activating the popular resistance in all areas of Palestine and the diaspora, along with armed resistance, activating the Palestinian diplomacy to defend the Palestinians’ interests, and supporting the national belonging of the uprising generations through curriculum.

They also urged the Arab League to prevent the Arab nations from signing normalization agreements with the Israeli occupation, support the anti-normalization Islamic countries, fail the peace agreements signed with the occupation, issue legislations that prevent the governments from normalizing, and press on the national and international institutions to stop the “double standards” policy in regard with the Palestinian cause. 

Ahmed Bahar, head of the Legislative Council, said that the Israeli occupation sought to penetrate the Arab cultural heritage in order to hack the region as a normal entity through cultural and economic normalization. He also stressed that the normalization agreements give the occupation a free chance for more killing and destruction.

On the other side, Sayyed Ibrahim, head of the Palestinian Malaysian Friendship Association, stressed during his speech via zoom the significance of putting normalization in its correct context, as it is a part of the US Policy to dominate the Middle East. He also said that normalization is different from political and diplomatic relations, and endangers the Palestinian cause, stressing that the governments should realize that risk and encourage their people to reject normalization, as in Malaysia.

Dr. Bassim Naim, head of CIR and Boycott Campaign, said that the normalization project in not newly created; it is old. It has started before the Israeli occupation gets planted in the Arab region. He also stressed on thinking of strategies to resist the normalization and maintain what is left of awareness.

Several Palestinian and Arab researchers participated in the second session of the conference with researches that reject the normalization, its history and effects on the region as it is the true enemy to the region. They also discussed the possible strategies that can be taken to confront it and the the door was open for the attendees to find solutions and give suggestions. 
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