A Zionist Project that Doesn't Stand on Two Feet

Jun 05, 2022 01:10 pm

Dr. Issam Adwan
Head of  East Center for Research and Culture

However follows the path of the establishment and development of the Zionist project in Palestine observes that it operates backwards and that it was never able to achieve its needs at any phase. That shows the ineffectiveness of the project and confirms that the colonial nations supporting it were never right. The colonial nations bet on vulnerable human groups residing in a historic, civilized place, but their work was contrary to history. Thus, their factors of failure were present, and adjacent to this project since its establishment and historic path. In this article, we will highlight the most prominent historic phases that confirmed it failures and predict the end of the Zionist Project: 

First: Herzl's diaries mentioned that he had offered to the Ottoman Sultan in 1902 to buy Palestine with 2 millions Ottoman Liras, but he failed. Then, the Zionist project spent 66 years (1948-1882) trying to buy lands in Palestine and occupy them with the help of Britain; yet, at the end, it could dominate 6.5% of Palestine's space. That means that it needs more than 930 years to control all Palestine; nonetheless, the United Nations recognized the partition of Palestine resolution, the 1948 war happened, and the 1967 broke out to enable the Zionist project from controlling Palestine without terrorism, and with international support. 

Second: Herzl, in his diaries, talked about the expulsion of the Arabs from Palestine to replace them with Jews. The organized Jewish migration into Palestine took 66 years (1882-1948) to attract 31% of the population despite of all the British facilitations and huge funds, recruited by the Zionist organizations and the Jewish rich men. And in case the Zionist project continued in that rate, it would have needed another 150 years to reach a percentage of 100% of the population. 

Third: the Zionist movement and Zionist intellectuals planned to expel the Arabs to establish, instead, the Zionist project in Palestine. Despite the efforts exerted to achieve that through war, terrorism and massacres committed against the Arab citizens during the 1948 war, more than 85% of the Palestinians remained in Palestine, and about 150 Palestinians remained in the lands occupied by Israel in that year; which equals 20% of the Jewish population at that time. When the opportunity was then available for Israel to get rid of the Arabs in what was left of Palestine, as it attacked and occupied it in 1967 and could not expel all of them, it had to provide a number of projects and initiatives to get rid of them and their burdens. The number of Palestinians inside Palestine today is about 8 millions, a bit more than the Jews, emphasizing the failure of the Zionist project. 

Fourth: when Israel found itself obliged to accept 20% of the Palestinian Arabs, it deliberately attempted to melt them, clean their brains, and affect their ideologies and heritage. It spread out crimes between them to kill each other, and recruited some into the army and some others to its security circles. After 73 years, in 2021, it was surprised by their rebellion and joining of their brothers in the West Bank and Gaza in some revolution acts against the Israeli occupation in the "Guard of Fence" war as called by Israel, and the "Al-Quds Sword" as called by the Palestinians. That confirmed that all domestication operations did not work with them due to the inability of the Jews to live with the Arabs because of their racism.

Fifth: although Israel claimed that it there are no borders nor limitations in front of it, it tried to achieve its dream when it occupied Sinai and Golan in 1967. However, it could not cross that nor could it maintain Sinai, and found itself forced to withdraw from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, instead of maintaining all Palestine. That indicates Israel's inability to achieve its expansionist biblical dreams, despite the power and international support that it has. 

At the end, the Zionist project is failing. It has never been able to reach its goals by itself, and never been helped by the economic, military and political support provided by the Great Powers. This refers that it is an arbitrary project, contrary to history, and has no chances to succeed. It also refers to that the Great Powers have to rethink of their plans and set the compass to deal with the region's people and the Palestinians on the form of equality and interests' exchange.