Biden's Postponed Visit to the Region Revolves around USA and Saudi Arabia's Interests; Not Israel's

Jun 07, 2022 06:22 pm

Adapted from Haaretz
Israel has "high-ranking bodies" who believe that the Israeli occupation is the center of the universe and the primary consideration in the decision-making process of the US President. For those people, Joe Biden cannot sleep at night, worrying about the fate of the Bennett government. 

Indeed, the United States has no interest in pushing the United States President to visit (Israel) and areas of the Palestinian Authority. The visit to occupied Palestine is linked to the visit of Saudi Arabia and is of no importance per se.

Saudi Arabia's visit renewed the use of the term "reality policy"; whether aiming to justify or oppose Biden's visit. The importance of the Saudi Arabia to the priorities and interests of the United States is in constant decline.

The visit to Saudi Arabia has outstanding justifications in the reality policy. First, the son of Salman himself. It is true that he is far from being a liberal democrat, but it is likely that he will govern Saudi Arabia in the coming decades. Second, America has a clear interest in the continuation of Yemen's ceasefire. Third, despite tension, Saudi Arabia remains a key ally to curb Iran's violent influence.

Fourth, Saudi Arabia is a large producer of oil. In the absence of Venezuela and Iran from the global oil market, Saudi Arabia has become the source of Russian oil compensation, which is severely sanctioned. Fifth, the normalization between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli occupation serves America's direction of seceding from the Middle East, shifting focus and resources to the Pacific basin and curbing China. Sixth, the establishment and consolidation of a system of alliances in Asia requires a message of stability and commitment to alliances by the United States elsewhere. In the skeptical post-Trump world, on American policy, this is an important message. 

If the policy of reality really dictates Biden's decisions, he must ensure that Saudi Arabia pays for the President's visit in advance, which includes Saudi Arabia announcing its intention to produce more oil, and avoid raising prices, and must also ensure that Russia is removed from the OPEC production cap agreement, which prevents increased production. Ultimately, it will be asked to show real signs of its willingness to normalize with Israel.