United List Entry into Israeli Government Coalition Fails, Arab Public is into Argument

Jun 08, 2022 01:52 pm

Adapted from Israel Today
Some people identify what happened in the Knesset as a "crossroads", and a prelude to the future. Then, if the Government is not dissolved soon, the Coalition will not remain the same. The move led by Mansour Abbas - an Arab party joining the government for the first time in Israeli history - proves that even if it was necessary - it came at an incorrect time and in a problematic political formation. 

The Jewish community as a majority, and the Arab society as a minority are mature to cooperate as opposition and immature for the coalition; at least according to public opinion polls, which show that it is not comfortable for the majority.

A year after the split of the Joint and United List, the United route failed, in particular as a result of the lack of understanding or acceptance from its members for the Coalition. For them, the Joint List can register for itself a great achievement if it contributes to the Government's overthrow.

With the unsuccessful experience of the United List joining the coalition, and in return for the unsuccessful attempt to remain in common opposition seats, the Arab public would lose more confidence in its representation in the Knesset and the voting rate could fall to lower proportions.

Now, as the coalition stands on chicken legs, Abbas will try to drag time to remain in the coalition in the hope that the funds promised in the coalition agreement will reach their targets. In addition, the day will come when Minister Yair Lapid enters the PM office, and things for Abbas will look a bit different, either in terms of the personal treatment he receives in the office of Prime Minister or in terms of his achievements.

If the coalition survives, thanks to the United List, and if it falls, it is because of the Joint, the effects on the Arab public in Israel will be severe. The results are seen today in the incitement and defamation of the two camps that are engaged in argument day and night.