Colonial Settlers' Brigade Commander

Jun 13, 2022 02:57 pm

Adapted from Haaretz
As the brigade commander of the Samaria participates in a civil seminar in a colonial settlement and says that "the army and settlement are the same", it is no wonder that in recent months there has been a sharp rise in settler violence towards Palestinians. This is the case when settlers feel that there is neither government nor governor. In every spot, there is a brigade that determines some outposts from which colonial settlers come to affect the Palestinians. The most important of which lies under the responsibility of the brigade commander of the Samaria, Colonel Rawi Tsvik, who these days commemorates two years in office.

The list of events in his front includes other things: dozens of settlers who attacked Palestinians in the village of Qasra, spraying of pepper gas at an infant of two months at the Sabastia settlement, settlers who began an argument with Palestinians in the village of Urif, throwing of stones at the mosque in the village and smashing the glass of its windows, and settlers who entered a cafe in Hawara and destroyed the furniture and products of the place.

Under Tsvik's leadership, Hawara has become a central focus for settler riots against Palestinians and stone-throwing by Palestinians. In the place, an illogical media war has been ongoing since weeks, after Tsvik decided to invert the army into the battle against the raising of the Palestinian flags in Palestine in the regions. The army raged the situation by blocking roads in the village for about a week, controlling buildings and suspending Israel's raising of the Israeli flags. In Tzvik Front, two of the most important events in the Bank in recent years occurred: the establishment of the Avitar outpost and the steadiness of the Humish Religious School in the land of the evacuated settlement.

The political arena, which flirts with right-wing voices, allows for the evil spirit represented by Tsvik, whereby it is better not to get involved with settlers, not to stop Jews, to go unnoticed after attacking soldiers and certainly to attack Palestinians. This dangerous absurdity must be stopped as soon as possible and Tsvik must be removed from office.