The Palestinian Cause amidst the Russia-Ukraine War's Transitions 

Nov 01, 2022 09:39 am

Naeem Ashraf Mushtaha 
The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war reshapes the entire world, as the operational gradualism strategy used by the Russian President indicates that the initial goal of this war was not for control but for deterrence. It aims to restore the situations as before Ukraine started to think to join the NATO.

Eight months have passed since the start of the war without any development in the achievements recorded by the Russian forces, and the Ukrainian army's receipt of massive assistance from the United States and other countries that have ambitions in the first. Yet, we still observe a change in goals through a change in the theater of operations from deterrence to control and judiciary. Sergey Survikin, entrusted to using fire in every war he undergoes, took command of the Russian army, whose power and arrogance makes him able to end the war for its favor against Ukraine during a few weeks since the beginning of the operation, using the familiar methods, which we will tackle later.

The smart intelligence and military character of Putin is not a secret. He is the one that could eliminate the Chechnya resistance and make the Chechnya fighter desperate of the war against the Russian Bear, declaring his exhaustion and longing for peace after bloody wars that the Soviet army could not resolve until after Putin's use of his ancient "scorched earth" policy.

Therefore, there must be something Putin plans to carry out in disguise that made him prolong the war. Ukraine is not a military-strong country before the military power of Russia, as the weapon used by the Ukrainian army is already manufactured and used in Russia. Yet, this does not affect the strength of the US support to Ukraine. 

After many countries around the world provided assistance for Ukraine and after the Ukrainian army targeted Crimean Bridge, Putin will not remain handcuffed until he loses the battle. Despite his intelligence, he does some silly actions sometimes; thus, history never had mercy on those like him, who achieved losses for themselves and their countries. Putin has a long hand, and when he needs his strikes to be fatal, they be.

General Winter and Putin:

Reaching back into the history of Napoleon and Helter, we observe that the Russian Bear always adopts two methods in its wars:

First: Use of General Winter to eliminate the opponent without a serious loss for the Russians. 

Second: Use of the "scorched earth" policy to defeat the opponent. 

Prior to that, Putin started to use the second method to create an atmosphere to use the first upon his arrival elegantly. 

The Russian army is expected to explode the gas pipes leading to Ukraine, so residents leave and then it becomes easy to control it without serious human losses.

‏The Russian-Ukraine War and Its Impact on the Palestinian Cause:

An important question comes into mind: 

Can the Russia-Ukraine war be used in favor of the Palestinian cause?

I believe that the Palestinian organization can benefit from this war in favor of the Palestinian cause, by the use of the soft diplomacy just as Hamas does now. The ongoing war between Russia -rejecting the American dominance, and the Ukrainian war the US tool- is not ordinary. This reminds us of the Vietnamese war in the seventeenth of the last century, which was about to be the reason of the outbreak of a 3rd global war due to the strong Russian and Chinese military support for the Vietnamese liberation movement -led by Ho Chi Minh. It ended up with Vietnam's liberation from the American occupation.

Subsequently, the Palestinian organizations must benefit from the Russian ways at all levels, as the United States seeks to curb Putin by all possible ways. This is evident in its threats of imposing sanctions on any party that might support Russia against Ukraine, especially Iran which supports Russia with warplanes. This affects the United States and the Israeli occupation.

The probability of the United States in succeeding in this matter is average, as Russia controls the gas feeding Europe. The resulting power crisis is live now in Europe. Politicians predict the outbreak of a western spring. 

Also, the United states cannot stop the upcoming winter with its wickedness against Putin opponents. 

This comes next to every country that missed the shape of the upcoming region (multi-polar) especially those controlled the energy sources. 

Whoever pets on the US friendship is loser.